Shikoku Trip: An Overview


6 friends and 1 mini-van…IMG_6013 (1)

…visited 4/4 prefectures


…drove over 1700 kilometers (1059 miles)

…spent ¥0 on accommodations

…ate famous foods from 2/4 prefectures, plus one we hadn’t expected

…ate konbini/fast food for ~11/17 meals  >_<DSC_0469

…endured rainy/overcast weather for 4/6 days (it was actually kinda nice)

…visited 5/88 temples on the pilgrimage

…visited 3 castles

…and saw everything they had planned on doing, and then some! Look forward to lots of posts!

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  1. Did you stay at the temples for your accommodation?
    Also, how much time would you recommend spending in Shikoku to visit all the prefectures and spend enough time in notable or worthwhile areas?


    • We didn’t say in the temples, no. It was hard enough finding accommodation for all of us during Golden Week! As for time, it depends on what you want to do. If you just want to hit the highlights, I’d say about 2 days for each prefecture (that includes driving time to get to the next prefecture once you’re done). Kochi is huge and pretty spread out; I don’t think there’s much to see other than Kochi Castle in the main city, but I’ve heard that the ocean views from Kochi are gorgeous. I think you could easily spend 3 days in Tokushima, though, between Naruto, the Vine Bridges, and anything else you want to do.

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