Pokémon Holiday Donuts 2019


The Pokémon donuts are back and better than ever at Mister Donut! This year, along with the famous Pikachu donuts from last year, are two new Pokémon donuts — one is a unique-to-Japan circular donut made to look like a Pokéball, and the other is a french curler sandwich with a Pikachu tail sticking out from the top. But that’s not all — they really went over the top this year. They also have three Pokémon tapioca drinks and a variety of Pokémon plates and cups! Try ’em all before they’re gone!

The donuts



Not much has changed about this donut from last year, but I will say that all of them looked perfect and very cute. No mess-ups this time around!

The Pokéball


If you’re not familiar with this type of donut, they are super popular here in Japan. They’re called Pon de Ring donuts and come in a variety of different flavors — glazed, matcha, and chocolate for example. The consistency of this donut is light and soft, but also chewy. It’s very interesting, and I recommend it! This particular Pon de Ring is covered in red and white icing to look like a pokéball.

Pikachu’s tail


This donut is pretty simple — two small, french curlers are sandwiched together with cream in the middle. The top donut is covered in yellow, banana-flavored icing with some brown icing stripes and then a paper Pikachu tail is put in the middle. Small, simple, tasty!

What I got

I wasn’t completely aware of the different kinds of sets, so I ended up getting a takeout set, even though I wanted to eat there haha. The takeout set came with the Pikachu tail donut and all three of the Christmas Pon de Ring donuts — strawberry, chocolate, and strawberry chocolate. The box they came in was really cute!

I also got a cup because I got one of the sets. Isn’t it cute??

Which Pokémon donut would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  1. The strawberry one is pretty and looks tasty 🙂


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