Benten Iwa


This place has been on my list for a while now, and since the weather was nice a few weeks ago, I decided to go explore.


There was a line of carp streamers floating in the air! They are hung out for Children’s Day every year, in the hope that children will grow up strong and healthy.


The walk over the red bridge was lovely. There are a few small alcoves on the bridge that are great spots to take pictures from.


On the island is a small shrine. There were signs saying to be cautious of suzumebachi, Japanese hornets. On the top is a large torii gate and a lighthouse. The views were spectacular! I always forget how much I miss the ocean until I see it again.

Around the back of the lighthouse is a large area to explore. If you plan on looking around, wear proper shoes; I’d recommend sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots.

All in all, a much needed spring-time adventure!



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  1. Alcoves…you know this word – alcoves?


  2. Pretty pictures! Now I know what the flying carps mean!


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