Introducing… Thai Fruit!

Included in the cooking class my friend and I went to was a morning market tour, where we went with a guide and bought things to use in our dishes. Our guide was awesome; he showed us tons of cool foods and let us try lots of fruits I’d never seen/heard of before, like mangosteen, rambutan, and durian. My pictures this time aren’t super descriptive; sorry! If you’re curious what the insides of these fruits look like, check the almighty Google!


This clementine-sized, purple fruit is super delicious! You can peel it like an orange, or turn it upside down and push on the bottom until it splits open. The segmented fruit inside is white, and there is a single seed in the middle. Hard to describe the taste, except that it was sweet and yummy.






This fruit is about the size of a large grape and covered in curly spines. Don’t worry though, the spines are soft! If you do it right, you can split the outside right in half, exposing the white fruit inside. This one kinda tastes like a grape too. Go ahead, grab a handful, I know you want to!







I give you… the world’s stinkiest fruit! Giving off a scent some describe as rotting garbage (delicious, right?), this fruit is actually banned in many hotels and airports because of its pungent aroma. I had the opportunity to try this strange fruit and ehhhh, not for me. While the fruit didn’t taste like rotting garbage, the consistency was like custard, soft and slimy, and I couldn’t get over it. If you’re wondering, the different colors in the bowl is durian mixed with other things to change the taste a bit.



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