Junior Mints and Hercules

Whaaaaaaat? You say I’m leaving tomorrow for Japan??? I still can’t believe it. I am going to board a plane tomorrow morning, and the next time I step off, I will be in Japan. It is blowing my mind!


What have I been doing since my last post you ask?

  • I heard from the ALT I’ll be replacing! He has been in Shinano for two years and has been super helpful in answering all of my questions about the town, the school, the kids; everything!
  • I attended the Q&A session at the Atlanta Embassy and got all kinds of useful information (including things that I wish had been brought to my attention earlier).
  • I went up to WI to spend some time with my fiance! We had lots of fun going fishing, eating the foods I miss, going exploring and adventuring, working on the tiny house he’s building, and making some wildlife friends.
  • While in WI, I also got to visit my old college roommate. We went to a beautiful botanical garden and ate some absolutely delicious cheese curds and pizza.
  • I spent all night last night packing. I had originally planned on taking one large suitcase, two carry-on sized suitcases, and a backpack, but….. I ended up with two large suitcases (both almost 50 lbs), a carry-on, and a backpack. It feels weird taking so many clothes with me, but I feel much more comfortable now.
  • I just attended the pre-departure orientation earlier today! I met lots of cool people and got more information about how tomorrow is going to go.

Well, that’s pretty much it; short and sweet. My next post will be much longer, because I’ll be in Japan! Now, back to Junior Mints and Hercules.

Until next time!

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