Things to Accomplish

UPDATED 9/3/17 — goal number 5 was added
10/23/17 — goal number 6 was added

I’ve been thinking about Japan and JET recently, and I decided it would be helpful for me to write down a list of my goals for this trip halfway around the world. While most of the points on this list are redundant in one way or another with the nature of the JET program, they are still things I want to accomplish. I also wish I had done something like this the first time I went to Japan; among other goals, I went with the idea (like most study abroad students) that I would buckle down and speak lots of Japanese. However, I ended up speaking mostly English, and while my listening comprehension went through the roof, my speaking skills did not. I’m hoping that posting this list will help keep me accountable, as I’ll want to keep you guys in the loop about how things are going.


  1. Help the kids I teach succeed in learning English

  2. Connect with the people in my community

  3. Improve my Japanese skills

  4. Blog consistently

  5. Be patient with myself
  6. Survive winter

I know it’s a very short, vague list, but I’m hoping to update it once I get to Japan and have a better idea of what I’m getting myself into. Thanks for reading!

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  1. #5 – Write to my father regularly and make plans for him to visit.
    #6 – Eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro…with father

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