Ritsurin Garden


This huge, Edo-era garden in Kagawa Prefecture is stunning! Side-note: I don’t know why I like large trees in the middle of clearings, but I do 😀

This reflection pond was gorgeous, and we took lots of pictures here!


There are tons of Japanese maple trees in the park; I’d love to see what it looks like when the leaves change color.


This waterfall was made just to impress lords who came to visit the garden!


Aaaaaand this wisteria tree is used to predict wisteria season for the prefecture!


This area is the oldest part of the garden. It’s named after a mountain in China.


This pond is huge! You can take boat rides around it, or drink tea in a tea house that is built overlooking the water. This view is from the top of a replica of Mt. Fuji they have!


A very wonderful place to visit.


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