♪ Come on Baby, America ♪

Move aside, PPAP, a new hit song has arrived at school!

Picture this: you’re eating lunch with a group of adorable elementary kids and the lunch announcements come on. The announcer says that they are going to present two songs recommended to them by students. The kids start chattering about what they hope the songs will be. Then…. the first one starts playing, and the kids start FREAKing out; they love this song! Sounds like every other Japanese song to you, except…

Are they chanting USA?

Yes. Yes, they are. A class full of elementary students have abandoned their lunch to chant USA. You’re not even sure if they know what it means…

… And then the chorus comes.





they SCREAM and do the same dance at the same time which you assume is from the music video. Is this really happening? You sit in the classroom, slowly eating your lunch, amused and a little confused, listening to the students as they begin to chant USA again.

The name of this song is USA and the group is DA PUMP. I’d heard the English parts and seen kids doing the dance before, but this was the first time I’d heard the whole song and put the song and dance together. Just like PPAP before it, the kids seem to look for any excuse to start singing and dancing to this song in class. Unfortunately, my co-worker has country flag stickers, so whenever someone gets America the whole class goes nuts.

And here it is, the song in question.

What do you think about this song? If you’re an ALT, do your kids sing it all the time? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. So Funny. I can just see the kids singing and dancing to the tune!


  2. My kids sing it all the time. I think it’s impossible to avoid it as an AET.


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