The Wonders of Fall


I am simultaneously overjoyed and horrified by the thought of the approaching winter, but I’ve got about 5-6 weeks before winter really sets in so… Let’s talk about fall!


The lush green of summer has been replaced by brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, fresh sweet corn by sweet potatoes, and my many fans by my kotatsu (table + blanket + heater = a very happy Jayelon). I’ve also brought out my cold-weather clothes and warmer sheets for my bed; it’s amazing how much my life changes depending on the seasons here!


Last year, we didn’t get much of a koyo season (fall colors). There was a strong typhoon that hit the area around this time and knocked all the leaves off the trees. It also brought snow/ice to the top of Kurohime! We’ve been much luckier this time around, and I have taken every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather before the snow comes next month, forcing me to hibernate under the aforementioned kotatsu. Some of my favorite adventures so far have been to Sou Falls, Togakushi, and Kosuge Shrine.


At school, we’ve had our annual Culture Festival which is always super fun. There’s singing, skits, games to play, relays, jump rope, and just general tomfoolery for two days. One of those things I wish America had. It’s kind of like open house or field day, but on a much, much, MUCH larger scale.


Rice, ready to be harvested!

With less than a month until the first snowfall, fall is almost over. I feel much more prepared to tackle winter this time around, and hopefully I’ll be able to make the most out of the snow. I’m thinking I’ll try snowboarding this time, since skiing didn’t end so great for me last year!

Until next time!


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