A Meal of Hotaruika

Have you missed my food posts? Well don’t get too excited, cause this is one thing you might not want to eat.

Last month, I went with a friend to Toyama Bay to try and see the firefly squid. While we didn’t see any in the ocean, the nearby museum had a great display of them. And…. ジャジャーン… a small cafe area where you could EAT them! It felt kinda weird, going to this museum, learning all about them, developing a certain fondness for them.. and then eating them. The cafe offered two food options: fried squid burger or squid fries. I got both, cause why not?!

*Shudder* It sounds stupid to say, but it tasted like squid. The burger was edible because at least there was stuff to distract from the squid taste, but I couldn’t finish the fries. They were shaped just like the little squids and I kept looking down and seeing the other half of the squid I still had to eat. It got to me. One of those things I’m glad I tried but will never eat again. I’ll write another post with more details on my trip to Toyama later!

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