Ruby Chocolate

I think that Kit-Kat needs to hire me as a promoter, because every time I excitedly tell someone I tried ruby chocolate, I have to follow that up with an explanation of what ruby chocolate is.

Everyone knows there are three kinds of chocolate — dark, milk, and white. Ruby chocolate is the fourth kind of chocolate, and yes, it is real chocolate. I’ve had a couple people express disbelief that a new kind of chocolate was created, thinking that it was artificially made. Nope! It is made from the ruby cocoa bean, and, after it has been turned into chocolate, is a nice pink color. It was just announced last year, and went on sale mid-January in Japan and South Korea (Kit-Kat central) just in time for Valentine’s Day; ’cause what is more romantic than pink chocolate? You can order ruby Kit-Kats online from the Kit-Kat store, but be warned. You have to buy one of three SETS which includes the ruby Kit-Kats as well as a super dark, matcha flavor and a purple sweet potato flavor (in one set). Each set is $100, and I don’t think that includes shipping.

So how did I get my hands on this new kind of sweet? My friends and I were walking around Tokyo Skytree, exploring all the shops, when we came upon a couple of displays selling fancy Kit-Kats. I didn’t think much of it at first…. AND THEN I REMEMBERED RUBY CHOCOLATE. I whipped around and started looking for it… and there it was! They had a nice display and everything, showcasing a huge chunk of ruby chocolate next to a chunk of dark and white chocolate. When I asked the storekeeper if they were selling individual bars of ruby chocolate, she directed my attention to some nicely packaged, pink boxes. I was already committed to trying one at this point, and luckily the price was only ¥400 (around $4). Now, you might be thinking, “What?! That’s an insane amount of money to spend on a SINGLE Kit-Kat!” However, it’s made from the first new kind of chocolate in years. I think it’s worth it.

The taste is very interesting and unique. Since its flavor is much different than the other forms of chocolate, you can’t really compare them… It was sweet and kinda fruity, but also slightly sour. I really liked it, and I’m already looking forward to getting another Kit-Kat the next time I’m in Tokyo. I’ll definitely have to take more pictures of it, too, since the only one I have now is this one of just the box… The online store has more pictures, though, if you’re interested!


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  1. I just tried a “pink” Kit Kat and definitely worth the wait! I was surprised how fruity the ruby chocolate is. Mmm.


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