Blueberry Picking — ブルーベリー狩り


Yum, yum, YUM! Despite there being a couple of blueberry farms near my house, I’d never gone before this season. I used to pass the signs every time I went to my closest onsen and think, hmm, I should do that one of these days. Well I finally went.


At the farm Hunter and I visited, you pay ¥1000 for a no time limit, all-you-can-eat blueberry extravaganza! They had tons of different blueberry bushes, so we could eat berries from each one and taste test. We were also given small baskets that we could put picked fruit in to take home (not included in the ¥1000 entry fee).


Many of the berries weren’t ripe yet, but those that were were deliciously sweet.


When we decided to leave, we took our filled basket up to the counter to weigh and buy. We ended up picking ¥1100 worth of blueberries, but that’s a whole lot cheaper than what you could get at a store. Blueberry tarts and syrup are in our future!



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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I didn’t even know they grew blueberries in Japan since whenever I see them being sold in grocery stores they are imported from the US.


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